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Thomas Janotta 2024

My history began in January, 1964 in Leipzig, where I was born and lived until 1970. I am the 3.rd son of a teacher's couple. We moved to Rostock, at the Baltic Sea, in 1970. I went to school here and became a commercial clerk in the Seaport of Rostock, where I worked until 1990. I worked then at a ship supplier's firm.

In between I was an instructor for wireless operators in the army and studied economy at the Vocational School Rodewisch.

I passed successfully a course for CNE in May 1997 and for MCSE in June 1998.

In 1999 I was taken on at a firm in the field of intranet/internet. In 2000 we began to create a maritime info-system for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I learned Cold Fusion. In 2002 we changed it to MySQL/PHP, what I also use personal. I have been working on accessible documents for a company since 2023.

In December 2006 I got the degree in the Usui-system of natural healing (Reiki), in March 2008 I got the 2.nd degree and in June 2012 I got the Master in Reiki.

Other hobbies, beside those you can read about in the other sections, are reading (novels: S. Lem, S. King, G. Greene; Fantasy Art: H. Sorayama, B. Valejo), my model-railway, improving my englisch, travelling (England, Mallorca), go to the cinema or watch TV.